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Paradise High School

Connected • Hard Working • Future Focused

Paradise High School

Connected • Hard Working • Future Focused

School Site Council


 PHS SSC header

The purpose of the PHS School Site Council is to:
  • help develop and/or revise the School Plan
  • develop yearly goals in coordination with the high school administration;
  • give input to the principal for goal development
  • annually assist in the evaluation of progress toward meeting goals
  • take any other actions as required by the Education Code
20/21 Committee Members

20/21 Committee Members

Administrator PHS
  • Mike Ervin
Administrator PINT
  • Larry Johnson

Other School Personnel

  • Becky Safarik (President)

Teacher (PHS)

  • Janel Murphy
  • Rachel Kagan (Secretary)
  • Lowell Forward
  • Petar Milardovich
Teacher (PINT)
  • Cindy Carlson
  • Alisa Johnsen
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Millie Teixeira


  • Kelly Levin
  • Tammi Fabris
  • Anna Smith (Vice President)


  • Madison B.
  • Jason L.
  • Alysa W.


  • When: 2nd Tuesday of each month (during school year)
  • Location: PHS Library
  • Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Agendas & Minutes

Agendas & Minutes

2020/21   Agendas   Minutes  
2019/20    Agendas    Minutes   
 2018/19   Agendas    Minutes   
2017/18    Agendas   Minutes  
2016/17    Agendas   Minutes  
2015/16   Agendas   Minutes