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About College Connection

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College Connection is a voluntary educational program that has been serving students with an immersive dual-enrollment program since 1990. The program allows high school seniors to complete their senior courses with a PUSD high school teacher while enrolled in three Butte College courses (9-11 college units) each semester.  Students learn how to plan college schedules, adjust to new academic routines and expectations, utilize college learning technology and how to manage their “free” time.  Connection students can earn 18-27 college units tuition free, explore a wide variety of classes, and discover what college has to offer.  At the end of their senior year, College Connection students graduate with their peers, while accelerating along the college learning curve. 
College Connection students are still enrolled at their high school, maintaining eligibility to participate in high school athletics, clubs, and events.  Senior year coursework is delivered through independent study and traditional class time. College Connection students receive priority enrollment status at Butte College, providing students access to a wide array of courses taught throughout the day.

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  • All Juniors enrolled in any high school program offered by PUSD
  • Students with 2.0 GPA and above
  • Students wanting to take classes not offered at the high school
  • Students who want to learn about college through immersion 
  • Students with a variety of career and academic goals
  • Students wanting more independence and responsibility
  • Students who want to directly prepare for life after high school
  • Students who want to earn college credit tuition free

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The application opens on November 29th  and closes on January 21st. Qualifying applicants will be invited to interview. Students admitted to the program will work closely with the College Connection advisor starting in the spring of 2022, to develop college schedules that meet their individual: goals, needs, and interests.
  1. Attend an info session on 12/7 or 1/5 with a parent or guardian
  2. Apply for Butte College
  3. Ask for teachers recommendations
  4. Complete College Connection Application
  5. Have parent or guardian complete statement form
  6. Interview
  7. If accepted work closely with adviser to prepare for fall of 2022 at Butte College

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Students meet mornings 8-9:15 M-Th at Butte College and remotely on Fri with their Paradise High School Teacher. Class time is aligned with main concepts and activities contained within their independent study packets. Speakers and guest lecturers join us in the classroom to help students navigate their college transitions. Topics include: academic counseling/resources, college applications/admissions, and assistance with filing for financial aid.
College Connection students take a total of 6 classes a semester—3 high school courses and 3 college courses. Working closely with the program coordinator allows for students to build a schedule that meets both educational and personal goals. schedules offer a considerable amount of flexibility, and some College Connection students work part-time jobs including jobs on campus. 

Sample Schedules:
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Parents and guardians can access grades through the Aeries portal system at any time during the semester to check their student’s high school independent study progress. Students can also share access to Butte College course grades in realtime via the Canva App with parents/guardians. A progress report will be sent home with the students once during the semester that includes both high school and college grades. Butte sends grades from completed courses to the high school where they are added to high school transcripts. Each college unit counts as 3.33 high school credits. 

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Ambrosia Krinsky is the College Connection Advisor/Teacher. She graduated from Paradise High School in 2006, and has a B.S. in Environmental Science, Management and Policy, and a B.A. in Media Studies from UC Berkeley. She has been teaching Science and English at PHS since 2016. 
She is intimately familiar with all three tiers of California’s Higher Education System, and is experienced in assisting students in reaching their educational goals. Ms. Krinsky uses trauma-informed and community-centered models of teaching to develop both rigorous and engaging content.