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Reservations for Interactive TVs at FortressTop of Page

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Staff Web LinksTop of Page

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Cool ToolsTop of Page

Big Huge Labs
--do cool things to photos
--teacher-generated and reviewed lesson plans
--animated movie maker
Imagechef (Free)
--this provides fun ways to present information visually; you can present your lessons to the students using this site, OR you can assign the students creative projects that culminate in a visual presentation of their research, etc.
The Lowdown-KQED (Free)
--lesson plans for current events
Media History Digital Lab (Free)
--digitizing historic books and magazines about film, broadcasting, and recorded sound for broad public access
Open Ed (Free)
--Teaching resources including student games, lesson plans, and tons more
Opper Project (Free)
--this is a history site that uses editorial cartoons as teaching aids
PBS Learning Media (Free)
--lesson plans by grade and standard
Teaching Tolerance-Civil Discourse (Free)
--these lessons provide a way for basic argument literacy to be integrated into any classroom. Students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels are able to learn the basic tools for argumentation
Thesis Builder for Persuasive Essay (Free)
--this is a cool tool that serves to give kids an idea of what goes into a thesis and how those ideas look in the end
--create an online lesson embedding web pages with your own annotations and tasks for students
--create word clouds; students could evaluate if they were staying on topic and mentioning pertinent items, all the while making a cool picture

Videos to Teach WithTop of Page

--Inner workings of congressional proceedings
Crash Course
--Social Science, Geography, History, Science videos of high-quality
The History Channel
How Stuff Works
Khan Academy
--math, science, humanities, test prep
Library of Congress
--Catalog of Prints and Photos Online, photos to use in the classroom for PowerPoint, Photo Story and reference
--math-can be used for problem-solving
--free videos to stream (include National Geographic, etc.)
Teacher Tube
--Variety of topics                            
--Technology, Entertainment, Design-"Ideas worth spreading"
--Build a lesson around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk or YouTube video            
Untamed Science
--Biology and Earth Science videos