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Yearbook Photos

Do you have photos that would be fun to put in the PHS 15-16 yearbook?

SBAC Results

To help you understand your student's Smarter Balanced Assessment results, please view this video, and use the Parent Guide for grade 11 linked here.

Daily Bulletins

School Year Calendar

Bobcat News


Checking Out of School

When checking your student out of school, please assure the following requirements:
  1. an authorized person must be physically present OR
  2. a handwritten and signed note by an authorized person must be given to the attendance office (no email, no phone calls)
  3. checkouts must occur BEFORE student leaves, NOT after the fact

Short Term Independent Study

While students are highly discouraged from missing school for reasons other than illness, family emergencies or special events sometimes necessitate travel out of the area. In order to avoid penalties for missing class for these reasons, students must contract to do work during the period of the absence. Pre-Informed Independent Study Contracts must meet strict California State guidelines in order to result in excused absences. You can find out about the requirements for Short Term Independent Study here.

CA HS Proficiency Exam

11th and 12th graders: for information about the California High School Proficiency Examination, please go to the following link at the California Department of Education website: