About Us

Mission Statement

  The mission of Paradise High School is to work as a learning community to ensure that all students demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. Our school culture is focused on the shared commitment to be safe, respectful and responsible. We will work to empower and motivate all students to reach their learning potentials and to realize their personal visions for the future.      

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

We will provide a safe, enriched, student-centered learning environment where upon graduation, Paradise High School students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to demonstrate:
Respectful of self, others, school and environment
Informed through finding, evaluating, and using information from a variety of sources
Safe personally, emotionally, and physically
Excellent in order to reach high levels of educational and academic success for all
United by understanding and honoring individual differences to work toward a common goal
Purposeful through engagement in learning and working towards a personal vision for the future
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