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Loren LighthallI am excited to be the Principal of Paradise High School. I moved here with my family from Southern California and love Paradise. I have learned very quickly that we have an amazing group of students and staff. I have met with dozens of people to gain an understanding of the community and try to understand the role of PHS: Police, mayor, town manager, youth football, youth soccer, all board members, local churches, 4 past principals of PHS, TAP President, PTSO President, Booster parents, and many others. I’ve been to football camp, cheer camp, rotary meetings, summer league boys basketball finals (we won!), and am coaching two youth soccer teams where I have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with two dozen youth and their parents. In all of these meetings and attending events, those I have met talk glowingly of their time here and of the staff that has made a difference in their lives. As I continue, I welcome an opportunity to chat and learn more about this great community.
I introduced myself to Meredith Griffin (class of ’01) at the Green & Gold football game and she was so excited to meet the principal and tell me about one of her old teachers, Barbara Michaels. She indicated Barbara was an amazing teacher and that she was inspired to become a teacher, 3rd grade, in part because of her. She could not stop smiling when reflecting on Barbara and her time here at PHS. Many incidents like this are repeated on a daily basis as I talk to people about the school. The clear message to me has been that PHS is the hub of the community and the culture it creates plays an important role in the lives of all of us living here. People are proud to be graduates of PHS.
As I learn about the school, it is easy to see why:
  • A well-developed cadre of programs that meet the needs of our diverse students: College Connections, Project Lead the Way, Link Crew, AVID, northern section athletic championships in multiple sports, clubs, AP and honors, woodshop, A+ computer repair, small business entrepreneurship, peer counseling, marching band, culinary arts, fashion design, emergency medical, and many others.
  • PHS was awarded a bronze medal from US News and World Report for student achievement.
  • As I looked at data on grading the average GPA is 2.8. This is a full half point higher than high schools with similar demographics.
  • AP pass rates are above the national average.
All of these programs and achievements came about through research, study, hard work, and the important input from all of you. PHS’s strong educational foundation as well as our continual desire to update and improve, make Paradise High an outstanding school and I look forward to my coming years at PHS and continuing this tradition of excellence
Loren Lighthall, PHS Principal