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Academic Support

The following is a partial list of where PHS students can go for academic support.

Math- Most math classes use the CPM math program.  Students are provided with accounts and they can log in from home to get assistance with homework assignments.  Each problem has a series of hints that provides guidance toward the solution.

Friday Reports- The traditional Friday report is still available in the Guidance Office.  A Friday report is a hand held sheet of paper that students take around to their teachers on Fridays.  It is sort of like a weekly progress report. 

E-Mail- Every employee of Paradise Unified School District has an e-mail account (first initial then last name @ Teachers may be contacted for information, assistance or communication.  This relationship is one of the best things we can do for our students.

Aeries- Every family can access Aeries to track student progress.  Teachers regularly enter assignments and grades.

Boy’s/Girl’s Club- The Paradise Boy’s and Girl’s Club has daily programs at their Skyway Center to provide programs and support to ridge students. They help with homework and provide activities, food and social support as well.

Websites- Many teachers have class websites where they keep calendars, schedules, class information, resources and more.

Teachers- The teachers are the most valuable resource to help struggling students.  They meet regularly with students before school, after school and often on their lunch breaks.  They are dedicated to the success of all PHS students.