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 Note: User name and password are required for home use. You can obtain these from:
1. handout in library
2. login to Aeries and get info from the "resources" section on the home page


Great Research Websites
Online Citation Creator
If you're stuck and not sure how to proceed on a research project that you have already started, and Ms. Safarik is not currently available, "push the button" to the right to send your question to Ms. Safarik and receive an email answer! (please allow 1-2 work days for reply, school year only)

Google Search More Effectively

Google Search More Effectively

  • Search for a word AND its synonyms: ~ searches - The tilde (pronounced till'-day) "~" before a word looks for synonyms (with no space between it and the word).
    • For example: "highway safety ~elderly" will also find highway safety and seniors, senior citizens, and older drivers
  • Advanced Search (next to the search box) - allows you to control what Google retrieves and refine your search in ways that the basic search box cannot. For example, you can set the Advanced Search to:
    1. Return pages written in a particular language.
    2. Return only recent pages updated in last three months, six months, past year, etc. (expand the "date, usage rights...etc.")
    3. Return results from a particular site or domain, including educational (.edu) and governmental (.gov) Websites.
      • You can restrict your search to only ".edu" sites at universities and colleges or you can even limit your results to "" and only retrieve pages from Duke University. (This might come in handy if you know about a particular research center or collection at Duke.) Likewise, you can search for documents at "," the Environmental Protection Agency Website, or simply change it to ".gov." for all U.S. governmental agencies.
    4. Find results with all the words or with an exact phrase.
Google tips modified from the website InfoLit @ Ramsey: