Social Science

The Social Science Department offers courses on world history and geography; U.S. history and geography; AP US History; Intro to Law; pyschology and sociology; AP Government; American Government; and economics.


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Eric Gillard
Department Chair
  • AVID 
  • US History
  • US History (AP)
3115 Mr. Gillard's Website
Josh Bullock
  • World History 3113  Mr. Bullock's Website 
Carol Kirk
  • American Government
  • Psychology
  • Sociology  3043 Ms. Kirk's Website
John McKalip
  • AP Government/Economics
  • Introduction to Law
  • US History
Mr. McKalip's Website

Leslie Radler

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology 3065 Ms. Radler's Website
Brady Velikonia
  • American Government
  • World History
3114  Mr. Velikonia's Website