Physical Education

Physical Education classes are required in grade 9 and elective in grades10, 11 and 12.

The core PE program stresses development of skills in a wide variety of activities to encourage students to find ways to enjoy physical activity in leisure time and to develop awareness of the importance of personal fitness.

Each spring, students in grade 9 take a Fitnessgram test, with results reported to the California Department of Education.

PE Learning Standards


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Kristy Mullen
Department Chair
  • Aerobics
  • Elementary PE
  • Intro to PE
  • Net Games
  • Weight Training 3210  
Jessica Bynum
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic/Weight Training
  • Intro to PE 3033  
Robyn McMillin
  • Intro to PE
  • Net Games 3211
Rick Prinz
  • Intro to PE
  • Athletic/Weight Training  3212  
Seth Roberts
  • Intro to PE
  • Weight Training 3213 Mr. Roberts' Webpage