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Kim Jones

College Connection Teacher/Advisor

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2018-19 Collection Connection Application - - See links below! Download and print all three.

College Connection Application

2018-19 Timeline of events for the application process

Steps in the 2018-19 application process

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  • An alternative program where high school seniors complete their graduation requirements via an on-line independent study program while concurrently earning college credits taking Butte College classes.
  • The goals of the program are to assist students in developing the necessary study survival skills to successfully transition to college level work and to provide students the opportunity to take challenging courses in an enriched learning environment.
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College Connection Class 2016/17
  • Butte College students who take 11 units per semester would pay $1,012 for two semesters. College Connection students only pay $78 for the same two semesters!  (Excluding the cost of books.)

Wow, what a great opportunity to get a jump start on the first year of college for only a fraction of the cost!

  • College Connection students have maximum freedom in their day to select college courses and organize their time!
  • A large variety of elective classes to choose from!
  • Attend school on a beautiful campus that is also a Nature Preserve!
  • Get a head start on college by completing up to 22 college units for a fraction of the cost!
  • Gain confidence in navigating the college environment and curriculum before transferring to a University!
  • Finish your high school graduation requirements via an on-line independent study program. Throw out the books, kids; you'll all receive Chromebooks to do your work!
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Maggie working on her Chromebook
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Ashley enjoying the wildlife
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  • You'll Take Pride In Your Accomplishments!
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Kara & Logan sporting their Academic Excellence Medals!
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  • Recruitment for College Connection begins in December of junior year.
  • All students are eligible to participate in the application and interview process.
  • Approximately 35 students are accepted into this alternative program.
Once the students have been selected, they will meet with their parents/guardians and the College Connection advisor to develop their college schedules.  These schedules will be tailored to reflect the goals of each individual student, whether they are college-bound or vocationally-oriented.
Logan in his Plant Science class at Butte
The recruitment & application process for 2018/19 will start in December, 2018!
Please contact Mrs. Kim Jones with any questions.
The Application Process Includes:
  • A written application including a student essay and parent statement
  • Teacher evaluations
  • Attendance record evaluation
  • Butte College math and English assessments
  • Interview
  • College Connection students will follow the Butte College academic calendar.
  • Due to the differences in the academic calendars between Butte and PHS, students are required to start the independent study portion of the program approximately 3 weeks earlier than the regular PHS start date to accommodate the required time spent in regular high school classes.
 Major differences between the academic calendars:
Butte = 5 weeks of winter break
PHS = 2 weeks of winter break
 College Connection students do not pay per unit for their courses.  However, there is a small fee for Butte services. Butte College reserves the right to change the cost of these services for College Connection students.
  • Current cost = $39 per semester (plus books)
  • Extra fees could be added for specific college course work such as art, photo, and science labs.  The costs are course dependent and are generally $15 to $30 per course.
  • Book costs:
 Students are responsible for the cost of all books with the following allowances:
                 - PUSD provides $150 per student for the academic year.
                 - There is a limited lending library available.
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Madelyn, Sierra, and Brooke at the College Connection Annual Social Breakfast
  • Butte College buses are FREE from Paradise to Butte College.a buss
  • With parent permission, students may use their own vehicles or ride share.
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