Business-IT-FCS-Industrial Tech

Business/IT_Teachers Card IconBusiness/IT TeachersTop of Page

Stacie Martin
ext. 3016
  • Tech Career Ed
  • Graphic Design Leadership
  • Yearbook
Rick Prinz
ext. 3020
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Tech Career Ed
  • Weight Training
Kirt Woodman
ext. 3019
  • Broadcast
  • Tech Career Ed

FCS_&_Industrial_Tech_Teachers Card IconFCS & Industrial Tech TeachersTop of Page

Debbie Dodson 
ext. 3031
  • Peer Counseling 
 Lowell Forward
ext. 3097
  • Advanced Wood Manufacturing
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Engineering Design & Development
  • Today's Technology
  • Wood Manufacturing
ext. 3037
  • Culinary Arts
  • Life Management
Cheyanne Pacheco
ext. 4101
  • A+ Computer Repair

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